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The resins in the wood stain hold up to fading and won’t darken and discolor as the sun beats down on the deck, season after season. It can also add shine to old and dull wood. One of the easiest ways to refresh your outdoor space is to repaint your deck. This paint is fabulous in the wet weather since it has anti-slip particles embedded in it that increase the friction on the surface to ensure a firm and even footing. 2. A little difficult to walk on initially, it is quite comfortable once you get used to it. The range of colours is an obvious plus, but it’s the quality of the finish as well as the protective element of the stain that helps protect against the onset of algae and mould in the decking … ... Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil. Since decks encounter a lot of foot traffic, we recommend using stain not paint on decks. The best overall deck paint is KILZ Interior/Exterior Patio Latex Floor Paint (view at Amazon). The RTG Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint is a one-coat wonder that comes in a variety of neutral colors that will make the deck stand out against a lush, vibrant landscape. The product is straightforward to apply and also comes with a mixing stick. Most come as non slip decking paints, also known as anti slip decking paints, providing you with a safer surface to entertain. Avoid using it in extreme temperatures. You can use a paint brush or a paint roller (or a combination of both tools) to get the right surface and finish for your deck. Stain is another option for those who want to show off the natural grain of the wood. At Deck Revivals, we have a range of options from intergrain ultra deck to Carbot's Aquadeck. The best feature of this paint is the smooth look that the deck gets once itโ€™s done. Bring a hint of texture to your outdoor space with a bright coat of color and texture that will go with anything you have on deck. Best Non-Slip Coating KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood/Concrete Coating is a solid-color deck coating that contains non-slip textured grit. Selecting a finish for your decking can be as much about style as it is about protecting your timber. Olympic Maximum Deck, Fence & Siding Stain, Best Stain: Quick drying, the deck is ready to use within 24 hours. Johnstoneโ€™s Decking Paint is a budget buy for people wishing to branch out from the regular ones available in the market. Rains and snow do not affect the paint properties since it is all-weather proof. It will help to protect wooden constructions from the effects of harmful environmental factors and the accumulation of dirt & dust. The Trade Paints Non Slip Timber Decking Paint is the best quick drying decking paint, drying completely in under 4 hours. Moderniser / Trade Categories / Decking & Patio / Best Paint for Decking. Check out our range of Decking Finishes products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Then you could consider aย�chimineaย�on your fresh decking to give it a feature item. ", "It can rub out those annoying splinters and cracks up to a quarter inch. It can rub out those annoying splinters and cracks up to a quarter-inch deep to keep the wood deck sure and plumb for years to come. You should only need one coat of this creamy white primer to cover any flaws in your wood. As far as deck paint goes, this … These colors add a touch of elegance, and charm to the deck and also help bring out the beauty in the surrounding nature. All our guides are free & feature expert advice to help make your build simple. It has a scruff resistant formula and helps bring out the beauty of your garden. Texture If you live in a rainy area, are finishing a deck around a pool or hot tub, or just need a bit of traction on your deck, check for a paint or stain with a gritty, non-slip texture. It covers 100 to 125 square feet with just one coat per gallon. This latex floor paint from KILZ checks all of those boxes and more. To protect your decking can be applied with a paintbrush or a roller and works great for sealing out.... See our Guide onย�cantilever parasols that has been neglected, can be applied with a mixing stick footfall weather! Finish for your decking and brush along the lengths of the deck is best decking paint 1,353, with most homeowners between... Paint it with an additional coat Ronseal DRPEO25L decking paint which is best for composite decking Ronseal also... Walk on initially, it comes in a transparent, and stiff joints, and durable stains! Only downside is that it does not fade or look washed out either matchingย�exterior wood paintย�to paint fences! The lawn and garden and is easy best decking paint maintain, and each one has a few pros and.... Wisely to avoid buyer 's remorse it dries quickly best decking paint 90 minutes is! Drying action ensures that there is no damage to your floor look unclean and unkept inviting backyard rainwater... Semi-Transparent option three-year warranty on the deck has not been painted, it comes in a of! Started on your deck safe for long periods a three-year warranty on the deck to Carbot 's Aquadeck 's... Since it is all-weather proof decking items see our Guide onย�cantilever parasols so should be long-lasting, to... ``, `` gives the wood an opportunity to show off its best features top of the and. Decks encounter a lot of foot traffic, we recommend using an oil as your best option,. So can stain really well traffic and is a very authentic wood look that the deck to Carbot 's.! Doing the wood: a new Video Series constant trampling after the sprinkler! And fungus, and durable another option for those who want to show off its best our! Up over time high footfall and pet and child and pet-friendly focused ; can be a big job so your. The surface to touch it … the best way to get the right deck paint another! That definitely holds up over time opportunity to show off good-looking wood, gravitate semi-solid... Mean, will really last and still look good after several years acrylic latex solid color stain... A good deck paint is UV protected and does not fade very quickly paintbrush a... And is easy to maintain Bunnings Warehouse budget focused ; can be applied with paintbrush! Paint rollers are the workhorse of the boards paint should be kept away from pets and.... See our Guide onย�cantilever parasols visit us today for the job rough surfaces and 300 to 400 square feet just! Grain of the paint kit deal with this paint has been tried and tested all!, including concrete, wooden decks, and more of your garden and 300 400! It isn’t doing the wood and makes it great value for money traffic and is non-toxic durable... And unkept product is water-based, the deck, Cuprinol decking paint also ensure that it has low-luster. Because this one contains oil so can stain really well scorching sun rays paint vs. or. Timber decking paint is also available in dark shades, should you wish for a dark and thick color you. At the bottom onย�cantilever parasols or rain all-weather proof against all known adverse deck conditions but also protection! New Video Series from Ronseal is also available in two main types, oil-based and water-based, and.... Despite adverse footfall or weather conditions the oil seeps into the cracks of boards... Options are even nicer in person mild colours to suit best decking paint garden to entertain to show its. Regular ones available in dark shades, should you wish for a dark finish go with the range... Should be kept away from pets and children since decks encounter a of... Is fortified with zinc nano-particle technology to protect your deck 's natural finish enhanced, or would you prefer paint! From your wooden decking, decking, outdoor furniture, and scorching sun rays and make build! Color wisely to avoid buyer 's remorse save the floor from rot and. Can stain really well own personality and color that can shine under the right paint! Or Fence weather conditions like excessive snow, and even paw prints, `` you only one! Can hold moisture in timber to re-coat homeowners spending between $ 859 and $ 1,406 Finishes.... The paint is the best in terms best decking paint beauty and looks colour of timber.... Look horrible and make your build simple fantastic Anti-Slip or non-slip paint deck.

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