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Are there some things that can never be forgiven? wrongdoings and what can be done to show that What is a role model? But when Lilly brings her purple plastic purse and its treasures to school and can't wait until sharing time, Mr. Slinger confiscates her prized possessions. She is so eager to show off her prized possessions to her classmates that she has a hard time listening, being considerate of others, and waiting until the appropriate time to share. "Excellent choice", says Lilly. summary of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and directions for home involvement. stories. However, is this apology sufficient? as returning to friendship with the person we hurt and returning to a closeness with items that he or she chose and explain why the item means so much to him or her. Jan 7, 2017 - Explore Sonja Mohr-Denison's board "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" on Pinterest. Add behaviors to the chart that are suggested by the song and from Explain that you will be reading the story Lilly’s Purple A mistake is If one were to be knocked on the head and therefore forced to forget an incident, our intuition is that this is not forgiveness. Ask students to look at the cover and discuss what emotions Lilly might be feeling. the act of being forgiven comes primarily from the our willingness and commitment depicts situations in which children commonly The story is simple enough--Lilly loves school. Be sure to elicit and encourage student and parent participation, consistently reinforcing the value being addressed. an adventure in creativity, a portal of discovery. hold them, and three shiny quarters. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for which you weren’t proud? Today we���re going to continue reading ���Lilly���s Purple Plastic Purse. T’shuvah, while frequently translated as “repent,” has its Hebrew roots in the verb, “to hurtful. that the students are learning about the Jewish value of kavod, respect, and that questions can help facilitate your classroom discussion: Revisit key themes from the story and discuss the following: “But repentance, prayer, and charity temper judgment’s severe decree.” -High (Note: Some situations are She is very excited to share it at school with her beloved teacher and classmates. Lilly loves school and her teacher, and her purple plastic purse. Lilly is so angry she draws a nasty picture of Mr. Slinger and slips it in his bag. Using blue and red tempera paint, show students how it Encourage respectful behavior by reminding students to use kind (Discuss the fact that Lilly was doing comments, clarify, predict, and guide students’ understanding of the story and the Why or to never repeating the action; (2) feeling bad about the hurt you have caused; (3) discussing angry, ask, “Has anyone ever gotten so angry (furious) that they did Have each student share one item from his or her purse, describing When Lilly brings her new purple plastic purse to school, she's itching to show it off, but Mr. Sling tells her (repeatedly) that she'll have to wait until later. Do we then believe that there are some scenarios in which authority is simply accepted, such as in the classroom? Does Lilly’s presentation of these things constitute an apology or are there further elements? As one of the largest collegiate ethics institutes in the country, the Prindle Institute for Ethics’ uniquely robust national outreach mission serves DePauw students, faculty and staff; academics and scholars throughout the United States and in the international community; life-long learners; and the Greencastle community in a variety of ways. can be mixed to make purple. a reminder to teachers and parents that when the adults in a child’s life misspeak or Lilly loves school and especially loves her teacher, Mr. Slinger. behaviors (such as helping or sharing) on the bullseye, place examples of poor This book by Kevin Henkes gives you an opportunity to reinforce classroom expectations while falling in love another one of his characters!. Original questions and guidelines for philosophical discussion by Nora Brown and Ammar Babar. What’s important about the process of t’shuvah is our Saadia Gaon, the famous Talmudic scholar and philosopher, taught that the process Two best friends find out that “I’m sorry” can be the Now put on the Lilly blindfold and hide your eyes. Ask the students if one can apologize without saying “I’m sorry.” If the answer to this is “yes,” we can then look back upon the previous questions and try to determine what the components of an apology are. 3.RL.3 Lilly went shopping with her grandma and got a new purple plastic purse and sunglasses. Glue up the sides, leaving the top Was Mr. Slinger right to tell Lilly she needed to wait? Lilly the mouse loves everything about school, especially her teacher, Mr. Slinger. She couldn't wait to show everyone at school. Lilly���s Purple Plastic Purse, by Kevin Henkes Lilly loves school but when her teacher asks her to wait before sharing her new purse, Lilly gets upset and behaves in a way that she later regrets. something wrong, when we have hurt someone else or hurt ourselves, and when we What is the best apology you ever received? Asking children simply to say, “I’m sorry” doesn’t always translate into making better This story touches upon consequences and forgiveness. Print. child on how to avoid doing the same thing over again. anger. Greencastle, IN 46135 Is Mr. Slinger having authority the same as your parents having authority? CHORUS. Then say, “One day, something happens that gets Lilly so mad, so furious, that she And judging by the situation she finds herself in, I'd say she's in kindergarten or first grade. Create purple purses. A role model is somebody whose good qualities serve as an example for others to follow. inside and then show them the contents—a pair of sunglasses, a glittery chain to The Ziz, a clumsy but good-hearted bird of folklore, that the parents help their child choose three “prized possessions” to put in his or us that if we were to sincerely apologize to those whom we harmed three times, we student suggestions after singing the song. So excited that she can't wait and ends up having her purse taken away until the end of ��� he or she is sorry for. say what they liked about the presentation. Also ask, “What can you do to fix this mistake?” Suggest that parents talk with their For example, saying sorry, giving a hug, fixing a block building that was knocked Is there a difference? Lilly's fury leads her to draw a mean picture of her favorite teacher. in time-out, Goldie ponders life without her brother Teach “I’m Sorry.” Explain. In fact, hooray for mistakes! Does her motive matter? Have 1. Document these behaviors in student portfolios. are unhappy with how we have acted, t’shuvah is the solution. How can you incorporate the value of t’shuvah within the classroom? When Lilly grows up, she wants to be just like her favorite teacher, Mr. Slinger. Aug 4, 2017 - Explore Susanne McDowell's board "Lilly's purple plastic purse" on Pinterest. Have you ever apologized to someone but you didn’t really mean it? If Lilly really, really wanted to show off her purple plastic purse, should Mr. Slinger have let her? Since one of my all time favorite picture books is Julius, Baby of the World, which also stars Lilly, I decided to read it. During this incident, Mr. Slinger intervenes and takes away Lilly’s possessions. best we can become. Inside she has placed her movie star glasses and three quarters. Is personal reflection necessary for apology? Even though Judaism encourages us to forgive others, someone? Lilly's fury leads her to draw a ��� After reading the story ���Lilly���s Purple Plastic Purse��� by Kevin Henkes, the following page can be made into a quick ���Word-Picture Matching��� game as a way of ���growing readers.��� Simply print off the sheet with pictures and words from the story. Would there ever be a situation in which the student had authority? Goldie is mad that her baby brother, Nicholas, to another person that we were wrong, and also to be able to say to ourselves that How do you think Mr. Slinger felt when he opened his book bag and found the mean I knocked over her tower, she worked so hard to make it Is it Lilly’s time in the uncooperative chair and consequential self-reflection that makes this an adequate apology? Uh-oh, somebody's hidden one of your cards in Lilly's purple plastic purse. apology picture.) How have you apologized or tried to “make things better” after doing something Can you guess which one it is? What happens next speaks to issues of repentance and forgiveness in ways young children can readily connect with. rule. Do you think it was easy for Lilly to admit she had done something wrong? Will you forgive me, please forgive me This book presents a life lesson that all parents The question set for this part of the discussion focuses on the existence and justification of authority. Lab? Lilly has a tough time when her favorite teacher, Mr. Slinger, takes away her new purse. to not transgress again. However, while sitting But did Lilly feel bad or did she simply want Mr. Slinger to still like her, or had she been told that apologies are required? See more ideas about Lilly's purple plastic purse, Lillies, Mini units. In other words, t’shuvah can best be understood Do you hold them, and three quarters, Reading the Story: “movie-star” or sparkly sunglasses for each student (very 2961 W County Road 225 S What do you think Lilly is going to write about and draw while she is in the Lightbulb But when Lilly brings her purple plastic purse and its treasures to school and can't wait until sharing time, Mr. Slinger confiscates her prized possessions. So how did he get it? Mr. Slinger is a good role model. So, why does Mr. Slinger have the authority? Why did Lilly put herself in the uncooperative chair? Holiday Liturgy. Why, then, does Mr. Slinger have legitimate authority and not the student? Lilly’s mother writes a note and her father bakes snacks, while Lilly draws a picture in which Mr. Slinger supposedly declares his forgiveness to Lilly. Find the two puzzle pieces that go together - one has a picture, the other has the corresponding number. did you feel afterward? him. It was an accident but I know what I must say Uh-oh, uh-oh, I said words not true values be sorry—t’shuvah and forgive—s’lichah. Find tips for leading a philosophical discussion on our Resources page. At the core of Jewish tradition is the charge for us to be able to say to ourselves and But when Lilly brings her purple plastic purse to school and can't wait until sharing time to show off the purse and her movie star sunglasses, her teacher, Mr. Slinger, has to take away her prized possessions. she had to stop her “wrongdoing.” She had to stop being disrespectful in class her new glasses, help students feel Lilly’s excitement by giving each a pair of “moviestar” From there, we see how Lilly’s emotions change from being furious, causing her to act rashly, to her harboring guilt when Mr. Slinger explains the situation to her. Lilly���s Purple Plastic Purse, by Kevin Henkes. apology. is great, and those adult mistakes can be terrific teachable moments. he or she can go to think about what happened before demanding an immediate (Elaborate on the fact that she was angry, even furious, that her purse was turn.” When we have done something wrong, we need to turn to the other direction most inappropriate behaviors (such as hitting or name calling) even further from listeners. Is accepting an apology the same thing as forgiving? Introduction of the text(s): 1. How did Lilly’s feelings change after she read the letter from Mr. Slinger? teach children to apologize sincerely. When we have done back to school for class show and share. When Lilly grows up, she wants to be just like her favorite teacher, Mr. Slinger. The ideas included are offered as starting points as you and your students explore, discover and live the lessons. Vocabulary & Phrases Cards 3. To introduce the song “Uh-Oh” teach students that the word in Hebrew that is used to How down, or drawing an apology picture. and commit to not wronging again. Post navigation The student does not have authority over Lilly, even though his reason for taking away the bag might be the same as Mr. Slinger’s. This FREEBIE includes 5 lesson plans, complete with student response activities and a craft! But when Lilly brings her purple plastic purse and its treasures to school and can't wait until sharing time, Mr. Slinger confiscates her prized possessions. See more ideas about lilly's purple plastic purse, author studies, henkes. Does it matter which of these things she believed as long as she apologized? Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is a tale that emphasizes the importance of being considerate, apologizing when in the wrong, and forgiving others when they apologize. Read the story aloud, stopping when appropriate to explore illustrations, address Encourage parents to give their child some time and create a space where taken away.). his wonderful hugs. How did it help her? Lilly ignores these instructions, and Mr. Sling takes her purse away for the day. It takes courage to admit when we are wrong. Lilly���s fury leads to revenge and ��� Afterwards engage students in a story discussion. What was Lilly's problem? Lilly loves everything about school, especially her cool teacher, Mr. Slinger. specific dilemmas, this book teaches young children Why or why not? Get honest and tell the truth, I feel badly about lying Why or why not. Lilly���s Purple Plastic Purse is such a fun book for kindergarten and first grade. What are the components of a good apology? This opens up an interesting road of discussion about the role, exercise, and legitimacy of authority in the classroom environment and beyond. But we do not see Lilly consenting to Mr. Slinger as an authority figure. Put examples of correct Edited June 2020 by The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics. Rather, it is thought to be a reconciliation and creation of a new, stronger relationship and the new basis of forgiveness. Ask that they help their child describe the Lilly���s Purple Plastic Purse: Responding to Literature. I recently came across a copy of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse in one of my mentor text tubs and realized that even though it seemed very familiar (who doesn't know Lilly) I have never read it. Plastic Purse. Lilly's fury leads to revenge and then to remorse and she sets out to make amends.

Lilly, the star of Chester's Way and Julius, the Baby of the World, is back. to someone, we need to make things better by apologizing and trying to fix the situation. Is forgiving the same thing as forgetting? might do differently next time, and how they can “make amends.” (Suggest ideas : A Rosh Hashanah Story, Beni's Family Treasury: Stories for the Jewish Holidays, Gershon's Monster: A Story for the Jewish New Year, The White Ram: A Story of Abraham and Isaac, A Birthday For Ben teaches Be Inclusive and Show Respect, Chrysanthemum teaches to Show Respect and Use Nice Words, Today Is The Birthday Of The World explores Rosh Hashanah, Red Blue and Yellow Yarn explores Forgiveness and Honoring Senior Citizens, Bullying is Not Okay: Identifying and Stopping Bullying Behavior, 17 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do Anymore (Yom Kippur), Rosh Hashanah for Kids: Dip The Apple In The Honey, Teaching Your Kids About Saying I'm Sorry, Family Forgiveness: Vayechi Discussion Guide, Low Hanging Fruit: Pomegranates and Rosh Hashanah, The Apple Tree's Discovery Activity Guide, Exploring High Holidays with Young Children, Through funny, multiple-choice questions to solve drooled all over her favorite doll and she yells at Which word best describes Lilly at this point in the story? He makes learning fun. It's Story Time with Michele! Ask questions such as: Who is the main character in this story? What is it? Encourage students to try to say, “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse” five Here I had my students write ��� Uh-oh, uh-oh, I made a mess hardest words to say, even to those you love. Draw a small purple purse template. The book’s activities and discussion starters I really hope you’ll still be my friend Day 1 Invite students to listen to the story Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkens. What Why did Mr. Slinger finally take away Lilly’s beautiful purple plastic purse? She apologizes the following day and makes up with Mr. Slinger. Have them paint their own purple purses. something that they weren’t very proud of?” Have the students share a few Probably the best way to socialize our children to be Lilly’s eagerness to show off her purple plastic purse made her act inconsiderately to the wishes of the rest of the students in the classroom. say that a person has done something wrong is chet, which literally means “missed Most children will agree that Mr. Slinger forgave Lilly, but it is important to note that he never explicitly says “I forgive you,” nor does he explain what it means that he forgives Lilly or how their relationship will proceed. Explain that this is a book about Lilly, a little mouse who has a purple plastic purse. That is until he takes her purple plastic purse for being too disruptive. It is a book about How do you think you would act when you feel this way? the bullseye. Children may say that Lilly felt bad, which means that her apology was good. CHORUS Introducing the Story: a purple purse with sparkly sunglasses, a glittery chain to Is having the power to make someone do something the same thing as being in charge of that person? Aug 3, 2017 - Explore Patricia Malina's board "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" on Pinterest. ���Lilly���s Purple Plastic Purse��� is a truly beautiful book about having a great relationship with your teachers that everyone will love for many years! One day Lilly comes to school with a new pair of movie-star sunglasses, three shiny quarters, and best of all, a purple plastic purse. such as giving a hug, fixing a block building that was knocked down, or drawing an You can grab your set at my TPT Store. Here are some of the prediction responses that were collected from the first day of reading this book. more sophisticated than others, so select carefully.). Explain I created this Lilly template and used it for a writing activity. I’ll try not to do that again "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse". I knocked something over, wasn’t looking where I played I use the book theme in my centers and can daily touch upon a variety of Early Childhood Domains which makes assessing the children easy and individualized. In all of Kevin Henkes���s books that feature these mice characters there is a theme, which provides a real-life connection with lessons that most young children learn as they grow. When the child is ready to apologize, have him or her acknowledge what Uh-oh, uh-oh, I must confess Did Lilly truly believe she did something wrong, or did she just want to repair her relationship with Mr. Slinger, or did she simply think apologizing was the correct thing to do? When the child says, “I’m sorry,” ask what he or she is sorry for. Lilly's fury leads to revenge and then to remorse and she sets out to make amends. When Mr. Slinger makes her stop, she gets angry and retaliates. When he accidentally they will practice exercising respect during class show-and-share time. of purple construction paper, and then cut it out. The following Create something new using one or more of the P objects. She “hates” her brother. Most accept that Mr. Slinger has the authority to tell Lilly what to do or how to act, but why does the reader accept this? Lily's Purple Plastic Purse Lily's Purple Plastic Purse. express negative emotions such as frustration and the mark.” Illustrate common behaviors that are correct (on the mark) and incorrect After kids share out ��� ���As we were reading Lilly yesterday, you were making Children may say that because Lilly says “I’m sorry” she has appropriately apologized. -Solomon Schimmel, Wounds Not Healed by Time: The Power of Repentance and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse Book Companion These activies were created to use after we have read the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. After one too many disruptions, Mr. Slinger confiscates Lilly’s treasures for the rest of the day. Fantasy (fiction), Trade Book, Lexile 540 . In fact, Lilly loves everything! When you get to the section where Lilly takes her new purse to school and is wearing What are some of the things Lilly likes about school? The topic which emerges in the book is the authority that Mr. Slinger has over his students, which we can think of as a smaller-scale type of government. open. And then she drew a picture of Mr Slinger [as] BIG FAT MEAN MR. destroys a vegetable garden, he flies to Mount Sinai Henkes, K. Lilly���s purple plastic purse. Book Summary: Lilly the mouse loves everything about school, especially her teacher, Mr. Slinger. So this week we were working on Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes. Would it have been okay if another student had taken away Lilly’s purse instead of Mr. Slinger? Can you forgive someone if they don’t know that they’ve done something wrong? Moreover, the goal of forgiveness is not necessarily a return to the previous state of a relationship. New York: Greenwillow Books, 1996. do things that hurt others. What things can we do to enhance our awareness of when we have wronged Lilly's fury leads to revenge and then to remorse and she sets out to make amends. friendship, but the scenarios can be used to discuss What did Mr. Slinger do that helps us know he forgave Lilly? you feel sorry for those actions. In fact, Lilly loves everything! What things did Lilly and her family do to apologize to Mr. Slinger? would be forgiven by God. See more ideas about lilly's purple plastic purse, henkes, kevin henkes. In the story, Lilly apologizes to Mr. Slinger and consequently repairs her relationship with him. her purple purse (the student may also use photos of an item instead) and bring Oftentimes, in order for authority to be legitimate, the authority figure needs the consent of the people over whom he has authority. Was she brother and to say she’s sorry for yelling at him. What did you do or say? make a mistake, the importance of a thoughtful and honest apology when appropriate Be Inclusive—Don’t Place a Stumbling Block, Exploring Jewish Values through Children's Literature Early Childhood Edition, Tumford the Terrible teaches Be Sorry and Forgive, The Hardest Word Explores Being Sorry and Forgiveness (From PJ Library), It's The Birthday Of The World by Lisa Baydush, The Juice Box Bully: Empowering Kids to Stand Up for Others, What A Way to Start A Year!

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